XTec Hires New Research & Development Software Engineer/Developer

MIAMI, FLORIDA, July 24, 2000 -- XTec is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to its team, Alberto Martin. Mr. Martin has been hired as XTec's research and development software engineer.

In his new capacity, Mr. Martin is responsible for developing the new secure login interface with Windows (xgina.dll), by using the XTec secure module (Xsec.dll) interfacing with the XTec readers. In addition, Mr. Martin is part of the AuthentX development team. AuthentX is a totally new concept in security, involving card issuance systems, forensic database management by using LDAP boxes running a highly optimized microLinux operating system, and advanced client/server secure transactions among other tasks.

Mr. Martin is member of the Robotics and Automation Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. He has been working in the design of image processing algorithms (C/C++) and machine vision techniques to be applied to Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS). His research has led to the development of a serial of image processing algorithms that enhanced the existing concept of "driver assistant". He has been involved in the development of a modular robot gripper design by using robot simulation and advanced robot design techniques. Mr. Martin has authored and co-authored several publications in his field of research.

Mr. Martin is involved in community work and service. He participated in the development of a new math/science and computer technology curriculum for middle school students with potential to become engineering students. He is member of the board of directors of the FIU Center for Diversity in Engineering, created to serve and engage students, teachers, families and communities in science, mathematics, engineering and technology education.

Mr. Martin received a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. He was honored with the Life Time Student Award in 1999.