A5 Provides the Only Combined Credential and Identity Management System Designed Specifically for Enterprise Use

RESTON, Va., July 15, 2013 -- XTec Incorporated, the industry leader in secure identity solutions, today introduced AuthentX 5, the newest iteration of its trademark AuthentX IDMS/CMS. The solution builds upon the AuthentX core’s security and high assurance authentication, adding advanced capabilities for integration and information sharing. More than 85 federal agencies plus state and local governments, banking and financial institutions, and health care corporations currently use AuthentX.

“AuthentX technology has successfully served and protected our customers for over two decades,” said Kevin Kozlowski, XTec’s executive vice president. “Now we’ve taken that experience and applied it in a way that eases implementation from day one. AuthentX 5 is a solution that can seamlessly fit into your enterprise while at the same time offering unparalleled levels of security for identity and access control needs.”

Extending heightened functionality to peripheral systems and services makes AuthentX 5 the most cost-effective, efficient credentialing and authentication service available. While other implementations typically deploy a minimum of four different solutions, each with its own server and storage needs, A5 leverages existing enterprise solutions, acting as a service to those enterprise solutions.

“Traditionally, consumers view high level security as burdensome and complex, but AuthentX proves that it does not need to be,” added XTec President and CEO Albert Fernandez. “AuthentX 5 provides end-to-end support for digital identity and credential verification and authentication, laying the foundation for secure access to facilities, applications and data.”

A5 can now seamlessly provision enterprise credential and identity information to any database configuration. With built-in, standards-based data exchanges, A5 accommodates existing and future infrastructure without interrupting critical services. Other enhancements include offering multiple implementation models to serve customers interested in cloud implementations, software as a service and dedicated managed service options. A5 also continues to issue compliant smart card credentials and to offer a fully incorporated physical access control system and authentication and validation engine.

About XTec

XTec is a leader in secure, interoperable authentication and verification systems. XTec develops, produces and licenses enterprise-level security solutions for credentialing, access control, information systems and electronic commerce for a wide range of government and commercial uses. XTec's focus is providing a secure foundation from which customers can build secure enterprise Web-based applications and cryptographic systems. XTec is the leading systems integrator for HSPD-12 card issuance in the civilian federal government space and is recognized as a leader in both government and commercial circles for its expertise and products for credentialing, identity, secure payment and access control.