Corporate Enterprise


The AuthentX Suite of Identity Products enables organizations to secure their physical and logical resources. Using strong, cryptographic authentication organizations can be certain the proper individual is granted the proper level of access to their facilities, internal applications and data. As a certified PIV-I provider, XTec is able to issue and manage federally trusted credentials for private entities for physical and logical access.




As a certified end-to-end HSPD-12 solution, the AuthentX product line supports over 70 federal government agencies enabling Personal Identity Verification (PIV) issuance, lifecycle management, logical and physical access control in line with the Federal Identity Credential and Access Management (FICAM) initiative.


Financial & Health


AuthentX products are designed to support strong identity authentication and as such are able to support financial transactions reducing the risk to banking institutions as well as account holders. Strong authentication is advocated for health cost savings.


Critical Infrastructure


Keeping todayís utilities safe from unauthorized and malicious intrusion requires security you can trust. XTecís Physical and Logical Access Control Systems (PACS/LACS) deliver the security your utility needs while you focus on keeping the lights on.

AuthentX IDMS

AuthentX IDMS

State of the art, secure SE Linux identity management system that performs identity vetting, enrollment, credential issuance, access control permissions and lifecycle maintenance of the identity, credential and permissions.

Authentication Authority

An OCSP responder with a twist. Authentication Authority can monitor physical and logical access attempts through a web-based dashboard.



PC and application access for a smart card. AuthentXware has a fully implemented mini driver and Microsoft API: Next Generation Key Storage Provider. It is capable of biometric desktop logon, PIN reset support, certificate updates and key recovery.

Secure Card Readers

Contact and contactless with PIN or biometric are available for secure authentication. Our state of the art XNode is the bridge between the readers and the AuthentX IDMS. It supports remote updates to card reader configurations and authentication mechanisms.

Visitor Authentication

Visitor Authentication

Our Visitor PIV Authentication System (VPAS) allows organizations to cryptographically validate visitor PIV or PIV-I credentials on the spot for secure entry.

Credential Lifecycle Management

Self-service kiosks, desktop applications, and full service enrollment & issuance workstations enable organizations to sustain their secure credentials while reducing their maintenance costs.